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 About Janitorial Building Solutions
Insured and bonded, Janitorial Building Solutions is a family owned residential and commercial cleaning company that started in 1989 with the name of Yolanda's House Keeping in Huntington Beach.


In 2017 Janitorial Building Solutions was formed with the purpose of providing exceptional cleaning services not just for homes but  to Businesses as well. What makes us different is simple



In 1990 a residential cleaning business in Huntington Beach California was initiated. After a successful residential business and the demand  in the industry, the company expanded to Commercial and Industrial cleaning,  Janitorial Building Solutions was born with the vision to help companies have a safer cleaner environment.

Janitorial Building Solutions focus on quality and exceptional service. Our highest priority is to insure that clients are fully satisfied with our service and to meet all requirements  and expectations at all times.

We believe that a clean place is a happy place.



The Preferred ORANGE COUNTY Cleaning Service


When you want commercial cleaning service from a company that genuinely cares about your business, turn to Janitorial Building Solutions. Since  1989 we have been the preferred cleaning service. As business owners ourselves, we understand that your commercial establishment plays an important role in your image and reputation. You can rest assured that we are your partners in keeping your status and commercial space clean!

We take pride in delivering the best service possible

Value You Won't Find Anywhere Else...Guaranteed

  Janitorial Building Solutions three core values center on being professional, reliable, and affordable. These values align with the company’s mission of delivering the best cleaning specialists, using the best cleaning products for every business, creating a service based around honesty and reliability. The staff is fully-trained, professional, and dependable. 

Clean Place Happy Employees

Its a fact

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Clean Place Happy Employees

Thats what we do!

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Experience the difference with Janitorial Building Solutions

At Janitorial Building, we go to great lengths to accommodate all your cleaning needs. We value the trust you give us and are committed to providing a superior cleaning service that exceeds your expectations.


We care about your health

more than just make your place look beautiful by properly cleaning sanitizing and disinfecting we proudly prevent employees from getting sick. Makes us happy and helps employers worry less about call outs.

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